My primary reason for scheduling Healing Touch was physical pain from degenerative arthritis. I  didn’t connect the dots at first, but within a couple days after the session with Gwen, I quit smoking.  I had no intention of quitting when I scheduled. I wasn’t even thinking about it, but I believe the movement of energy in my body created a space of healing.  I found myself walking every day, had no shortness of breath, and the more I was able to walk, the better my body felt.
If you are struggling physically or emotionally, feel blocked but don’t quite know how to express it, I highly recommend connecting with Gwen.  I live on the other side of the country from her, so don’t let the long distance aspect influence your decision.
April Karenina
Harrisburg, PA

My husband and I are both extremely grateful to Gwen for her professionalism and expertise in Healing Touch. Her Healing Touch sessions were an integral part of our healing process  after we were both injured in a serious car accident.  Her sessions provided added benefit to our physician’s care and  set us on a path to a speedy and full recovery!
Jay and Gretchen Basen
Hailey, ID