The Emotion Code/Body Code

The Emotion Code® is a simple, yet powerful energy healing technique that helps to clear trapped emotional baggage from the body.  Most of us adults have hundreds of trapped emotions! These emotions get trapped in the body when we don’t allow ourselves to fully feel an emotion, or we have an existing imbalance, or we are stuck in a pattern.  Trapped emotions are actually balls of congested energy that disrupt the natural flow in the body.  These disruptions can create many problems, including emotional distress, sleeplessness, low energy and even illness.  The Emotion Code® technique releases trapped emotions and allows for more ease and flow in your body, so it can realign, reset and heal.

The Body Code™ takes energy healing to the next level, not only helping to clear trapped emotions, but also helping to balance structural and energetic misalignments, clear toxicity and pathogens, and identify nutritional imbalances.

Sessions are 30 minutes long and can be done over the phone, by video or in person. Phone or video sessions are just $40.