About Gwen

I am a Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner. The simple energy technique used in these two connected modalities helps identify and release trapped emotions and imbalances in the body, and was created by Bradley Nelson, DC (Ret). I love the results that I have been seeing using this type of energy work!

I’ve been practicing energy work since 2010 and became a Healing Touch Practitioner in 2016, through Healing Beyond Borders, completing their five level program. Healing Touch was developed by Janet Mentgen, RN, BSN, and began as a nursing continuing education program. Many different techniques for different issues are taught to Healing Touch Practitioners, and since Healing Touch was developed by a nurse, it is frequently used in hospital settings worldwide. I was lucky to be able to spend a couple of years volunteering in a hospital where I was helping people pre and post surgery.

In 2017, I also became a Reiki Practitioner.  Reiki and Healing Touch are similar in that laying on of hands is used. Reiki has a Japanese lineage, and was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui.  The body and hands are used to channel universal energy and direct energy flow to strengthen and balance the body’s energy system.

I’ve found that combining these energy modalities has been extremely powerful and helped to affect wonderful experiences of change, release and easing of pain and discomfort for so many people. It is so exciting to assist others move through and release trapped emotions and energies, and balance and expand their energy, which can bring profound shifts in health and overall well-being!

I’ve lived in Sun Valley, Idaho and Sedona, Arizona, and now live on the beautiful Central Oregon Coast. I feel very blessed to have lived in all of these gorgeous places, each with its own unique energy. They all have incredible natural landscapes that never cease to fill me with awe and wonder.

In 2010, Healing Touch and the Oneness Blessing opened me  up to a state of awakening, where I briefly experienced a total Oneness with the world around me.  This experience led me on an interesting roller coaster of a spiritual and healing journey. The journey never ends, and I look forward to meeting you wherever you are on your journey.