“I feel so thankful to have Gwen and this tool as a resource! It has helped me personally, and with my parenting. It’s helped with my relationship with my husband, and I know it has helped him. I can’t wait for our two older children to experience more of this work, because I’ve seen how it’s helped our two younger girls. They are so much more innocent. They’re only 4 and 2, but they had so many grown up emotions whirling around inside the, and they’re gone. They’re just themselves now, and it’s so wonderful!

Life really doesn’t have to be so hard. The Body Code really, sincerely makes a huge difference.

-A. Anderson

After our first session, which was focused on my sinuses, I was feeling fabulous, and could breathe soo well! It’s unbelievable!

I had been to the dentist three days before and he said the problems and pain I was having could be complications from when I had previously had a tooth removed, and yes it was. It was exactly complications from when I had the tooth removed but it was from an emotional perspective. How interesting is that?

During our second session, I realized that at the age that kept coming up, that someone very close to me had died. It was a traumatic experience for me for the next two years, as I tried to heal those things– the heartache and grief– that’s exactly what it was.

As the session unfolded, I found it quite interesting how those specific memories that were associated with those emotions that were hidden in the organ we were working on, came to mind. The things we shove down so we don’t have to recognize or be aware of them. As you inquire, “what it that?”, it all unfolds and is able to be let go. That is very telling of this modality. It’s neat!!

In both sessions we’ve had, I could feel this moving away sensation in the areas where the issues were, throughout the sessions. It’s nice how immediate the relief was. I could tell in real time that things were shifting, and there was immediate improvement. It is nothing shy of miraculous!”

-L. Gibbs

“THANK YOU GWEN! I feel SO much lighter and happier since our session. Thank you for being the conduit for my healing!!!! I just may call you in the near future for distance work. You are AMAZING!”

-Debbie Fruitman

“I was having a lot of challenges for a few days, and our session reset my mood in general. Then we went in depth with genreational issues and a lot of traumatic things from my past…these things from the past, they linger, because you think you got over them, but they’re still there. I’m so grateful you found them, and I just feel way better. I’m just delighted! Every session we’ve had I’ve been delighted with!”

-Mikaelah Cordeo